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Who we are

Az. Agr. Mion is born of a thirty-year experience in bubbles and creates his first brand in 2001. They add in time: "2zerodieci" born in 2010, boasting two products: Spumante Grande Cuvée Millesimato Extra Dry and a Prosecco DOC Treviso. Then another brand: "Oe" (which reminds the gondolier's direction to warn the arrival in Venice's canals) is a Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG in brut and extra dry version.

The latest brand arrived: "7888 Mion", Refined classic method pas-dosé vintage 2012 and one rosé brut version vintage 2011. Our dedication to these magnificent products is the utmost and conscious of continuous research to make the products, without prejudice to their peculiar traditions and typicality, are an example of a superb and constant quality to make them more and more pleasing and ambitious to the finest palates.

Our mission is challenged not only for the high quality, but also for a continuous search for the image, especially for the packaging, as the chosen companion of the product. For this exact reason, we have created bottles that characterize the modernity of our company, but without detaching ourselves from that "Classic Appeal", especially in the accurate labels printed with some pretty elegant and well-made processes. In short, all the beauty of made in Italy!

With regard to winemaking and the process of sparkling, we use the most modern technology starting with a soft squeezing and foam picking in autoclave (Martinotti method), to obtain the recognition of a product rich in bouquet and perfumes which emphasize our great products. And then our Classic Method, the pride of the company, for its elegance and refinement. 

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Venice and Prosecco

Our commercials offices are based in Venice historic center, an international meeting city for our corporate representation and home town of the various components of the company. The winery is located in Valdobbiadene, a reason for being in the virtuous world of bubbles.